1987 Hysteria Golden Disc
Given To The Band For Selling
25.000 Units In Switzerland

Only 5 exist worldwide

I want one of you to have it!


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Lets get started! What is better than being able to give a devoted fan the opportunity to get an awesome Def Leppard personal item and at the same time, to support a great and meaningful project called the Baladi Foundation?

The Baladi Foundation is ambitious! Lets end the suffering of strays!

Hey, Def Leppard fans!  There exist only five copies of the band’s golden disc for their 1987 album, ‘Hysteria’   They received this disc for selling 25.000 copies in Switzerland. I own this piece, I want to give it to you!

How would you like to have this, wear an awesome t-shirt, AND help special dogs and cats at the same time?  Take your chance.   By purchasing one of The Baladi Foundation’s ‘BREAKFAST WITH A ROCK STAR’ t-shirts, you’ll be entered in a drawing to become the proud owner of this important piece of rock ‘n roll history!

Knowing that the best way to raise enough money is to offer something in return, I’ve launched my t-shirt project.  The funds raised through this ‘BREAKFAST WITH A ROCK STAR’ t-shirt project will be used to help the vulnerable Baladi animals of Egypt in the following ways:

  • Purchase food
  • Provide financial support for on-the-ground organizations
  • Sterilization (spaying and neutering)
  • Veterinary care
  • Adoption and fostering
  • Stay well connected with the right people to make things better.
  • My wish is to create a cartoon
    for the Egyptian and Bedouin children.
  • Relocate the Baladi to a safe and happy place
  • Support people who want to help me make a play garden for the children.  They don’t have one!  This would give them a chance to focus on that and not on the dogs who run around free!

HI! My name is Miriam Barendsen. I made this winning project possible for you!
I have been there, I have done it! I lived with packs of dogs.
Half wild and free!
I love to feed them, I love to take care of the ones who need it the most.

 What really gets me about them, is that  they are so incredibly clever. All they really want is to love and be loved. They really want to be close to humans.  It hurts so much to see them abused. I have developed a deep empathy for these animals.  I really care!
Throughout my relationship with Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen, we were also surrounded by dogs, as you can see in these pictures. Wherever I go, there are dogs.
When I saw animals that were extremely skinny, I found food and gave it to them, even though there were people who did not want me to do that. I think only about the wellbeing of animals. I admire amazing people who dedicate their lives to help them.

About 23 years ago, I traveled to Egypt, South Sinai, and encountered the Baladi dogs and cats.  “Baladi” is a term that translates to “local”, so the term refers to the homeless critters of the region’s cities ,towns or beaches and mountains.  My heart was shattered when I saw abused, abandoned, starved, and neglected animals.  Tragically, they are often hurt by members of the area’s youth, who don’t understand the cruelty of their actions.
I have also seen people who understand the meaningful relationship with these dogs! So there is hope!
I celibrate the birth of THE BALADI FOUNDATION! A wish, I have for many years.

To all the people who join, I love you!
You don’t have to support this, you can also just buy this great t-shirt. It is awesome to wear.

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