terms and conditions fundraising

  1. The organizer must clearly indicate to all participants the rules and requirements by which the fundraising will be held.
  2. A order number is the only valid basis for participating in the fundraising prize
  3. You can buy as many t shirts as you like but only one order number is the only valid basis for getting the golden disc 
  4. Where t-shirts are sold to the general public, the announcement of  the  new owner of the golden disc will be notified to the winner and published on the website
  5. Each order number sold must have an equal chance of being drawn.
  6. Each order number from Breakfast with a rockstar, sold and no other order number is included or represented when the draw is made.
  7. No order number can be adjoined to an order number in any other sales promotion.
  8. The order numbers in the fundraising must not be combined with a fee to any other event or entertainment.
  9. The disc must be given only to the person who has the chosen order number at the end of the fundraising event.
  10. The golden disc must be given to the owner with the chosen order number  within 2 months after the draw, unless that person cannot be identified or located, or does not wish to accept  the golden disc. If that is the case, there will be a new order number chosen.
  11. The owner of the order number who gets the golden disc, must not incur costs additional to the cost of participation in this fundraising when claiming the golden disc
  12. The authorized purpose(s) to which the net proceeds of the fundraising are applied or distributed must not change once order numbers sales have commenced.
  13. An order number , which has been chosen to get the golden disc, is not eligible to be chosen again in the same fundraising.
  14. 100% of the sales will go to the foundation called THE BALADI and will be used only for the purpose of the foundation
  15. There must be >1000 participants to this fundraising event to give the golden disc to one of the participants. If there are less, people only will keep the t-shirts which they bought.
  16. On every returned item, the participation expires.


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